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The rise and rise of… Wellness Tourism

Updated: 4 days ago

Holidays, nowadays, are about so much more than escapism.

With the rise of ‘wellness tourism’, annual leave has become a springboard, from which the best version of ourselves can launch.

It's a way of discovering how energised, happy, motivated and inspired we can feel, outside the realms of habit and routine.

With this realisation, comes a whole new health travel series (linked here), which puts the spotlight on Portugal and its many, varied and unique opportunities for lifestyle elevation - a concept that the Anantara Resort in Vilamoura is designed specifically to encapsulate.

For this particular blog series, I evaluated the opportunities for fitness, nutrition, and relaxation, with the help of the resort's spa and exercise facilities.

This included a session with the hotel's on-site Personal Trainer, who ran me though a series of exercises designed to build core strength - something that has been a particular interest of mine for some time.

As well, I was lucky enough to experience a Thai Massage treatment, carried out by a therapist who was originally based at the Anatara brand's Bangkok residence.

On the topic of nutrition, my focus was oriented towards how holidays can spark an 'evolution of eating', signified by improvements in both the quality, variety and balance of foods enjoyed. I was particularly inspired, as well, by the potential longevity of these changes, and how eating-out can help to develop one's arsenal of recipe ideas, to be drawn upon long after a holiday has ended.

For this study, I visited the Anantara's fish restaurant - Ria - and the pop-up pan-Thai eatery 'Sensai' - where Chef Arwuth Boribal from the Anantara Bangkok, is visiting for the duration of the summer.

Alongside the more obvious lifestyle advantages of visitng a five star wellness resort, I wanted to explore how this experience allows for both reflection and interospection, and how this ultimately can have far-reaching advantages for wellbeing.

This idea is explored both in regards to motherhood, and the holiday-born prerogative of 'autonomy.' In other words, how a perfunctory pause to one's 'normal' routine, can facilitate thinking and behaving in a way that is more natural, intuitive - and, ultimately, self-reinforcing.

To view the blog series on instagram, click here.

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