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They say you never regret a run…

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

But I beg to differ!

Even for the most seasoned runner, the decision to pound the pavement in extreme heat…is rarely one’s finest hour!

By today’s standard, you could even go so far as to say…it’s plain crazy!

That said, I’m among the minority with perhaps questionable judgement, who would rather chance an arm with the heat, than forgo the fix of a runner’s high.

Albeit a fitting example of ‘what NOT to do’ when it’s 35 degrees (or more), there’s just something about the sun, the blue skies and even the ’me against the mercury’ of it all, that means resistance….is futile!

The decision, however… is often regrettable!

Admittedly, I’ve become somewhat adept, over the years, at deflecting the very obvious tomato-faced struggle, with a feigned nonchalant air of ‘what heatwave!?’… all-the-while ruing the day that running and feel-good became so entwined, that I Can’t. Just. Chill. Out like ‘normal’ people.

Only those with a knack for finding training-shaped loopholes in ‘no unnecessary activity’, will appreciate this plight, and indeed the irony of it being too hot for housework… but cool enough for a cheeky 2k.

Only after 8pm though, or before 7am!!!

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