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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Let’s face it, we all need a little sparkle in our lives right now!

The sequins. The fairy lights. The fizz!!!

These are the little lifts - the invaluable touches of glamour, magic and glass-clicking - that these festive days are all the lighter and brighter for!

And so we’re raising a toast, to the Mulberry Street Hard Seltzers that are making these moments possible!

Made from all natural ingredients, including Sicilian Oranges and Lemons, this range of alcoholic sparkling waters is certainly bringing the effervescence to the aperitif this festive season!

With Chinotto and Bergamot from Sicily and Southern Italy, the unique bitter sweet flavours excite the palate in such a way that is sure to bring out the best in your festive spirit - and your Gin, for that matter!

We mixed ours with Clean co Spiced Apple Spirit, for a low alcohol delight to sip with friends, when keeping a clear head is all important!

As the perfect mixer for many and varied cocktails, however, the Mulberry Street magic doesn’t end there! From Margaritas to Negronis, this one-can-fits-all drinks cabinet essential puts the mostess into the hostess this party season, with a flavour palate to suit all tastes and tipples!

Being vegan, gluten free, and with no added sugars, you could say this unique range of alcoholic sparkling waters is helping cocktail-making move with the times, transcending - in particular - the after-work-socials of the little-and-not-very-often generation!

Whether you opt for Spiced Apple Spirit with yours, or something else, this chance to ‘chink and chat‘ and drink in the festivities is a nod - if nothing else - to the virtues of a problem shared… and alcohol halved!

Sponsored by Mulberry Street

* ALC 4% VOL

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