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‘To me….From me’: Why self-gifting flowers is now officially ‘a thing!’

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Not so long ago, (before self-gifting became ‘a thing’), the idea of sending ourselves flowers, would probably have scarcely crossed our minds.

Fast forward to the ‘because I’m worth it’ era, and the only question mark that really prevails is…‘why not!?’

With many more of us recognising the value in turning kindness back on ourselves, we’re no longer pinning our hopes on the likes of Valentine’s Day and Birthdays, to take advantage of one of life’s most tried and trusted mood-boosters.

It might be to celebrate a win, an occasion, to brighten up a room or…’just because!’

Whatever the excuse, the mood boost is both immediate AND lasting, with consistent links being shown between exposure to flowers, and positive mental health.

In the current climate, this is an effect that is too important to pass up, and lends flowers a new-found importance, in the ranks of 2021 self-care.

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