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Under pressure!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I hate to admit it, but it looks as though socks and slipper season might officially be upon us once more.

I’m not complaining mind.

After all, there a subtle relief in being able to give the pressure of pretty toe nails the boot… for the next 6 months at least.

On top of this, there’s the colour injection that a kaleidoscope of socks can bring to our daily wardrobe, particularly now that 'bright and mismatched' has gained new-found acceptance in the fashion accessories department.

In keeping with this trend, and the fact that it is officially World Reflexology Week, I’m sporting my most statement-making pair of socks yet… which come complete with the the most subtle hint for a foot-rub-whilst-watching-TV that you can give your husband, without asking him directly.

If that fails, of course, you can always practice 'Self Foot Treatment', utilsing the fact that TOETOE® Reflexology toe socks give a clear and easy guide of the body's different access points, and where to massage for most beneficial effect.

As well as this, the toe-separating technology of these socks allows for a 'Continuous Toe Movement Pattern' (which maintains blood circulation and promotes optimum warmth) whilst also allowing the toes to provide maximum feedback to the brain about the body’s position, balance, and movement (a process called proprioception.)

In all, this sole-soothing combination of wearer benefits means that it doesn’t seem like such a bad trade off, now, having to bid the barefoot days of summer a final fond farewell.

Instead, it feels rather like an opportunity.

A opportunity to leverage the everyday, underrated art of sock-wearing, as a subtle yet significant way of getting those plans for a healthy Autumn/Winter, well and truly afoot!

Sponsored by TOETOE

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