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USE YOUR LOAF: The Muffaletta is changing the face of sandwich-making as we know it!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Fans of James Martin’s Saturday kitchen may recall a few weeks ago, that memorable Muffaletta demonstration which changed the face of sandwich-making as we know it!

For us, the idea was too ingenious not to try and replicate, so today we’ve followed suit with a veggie version of this game-changing filled loaf concept.

The how-to involves hollowing out a loaf (preferably a cob), then filling with layers of ingredients of your choice. We opted for Quorn ham, Edam cheese, spinach, salad and tomatoes... but the choice is yours!

The layers are repeated until the bread is filled up, then the contents packed down, the lid replaced and the loaf sliced into even portions.

Next, each slice is wrapped in foil (grease the sheets lightly with butter first), and heat gently in a frying pan.

The beauty of this idea, is it ticks most of the boxes for what we’re currently looking for in a lockdown lunch. Carbs - check! Melted cheese - check! Something that isn’t a sandwich - check!

Served with a side of slaw, it’s a messy but marvellous treat...with all the potential to make up for what it might lack visually, in both salad AND soul!

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