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Waking up…to better breakfast habits!

Updated: Jun 18

I woke up this morning thinking about… breakfast.

The fact that this was the first thought of the day is quite telling, as under normal circumstances, it would surely be the LAST in a long line of other more pressing morning to-dos!

Without all the school run shenanigans to occupy my mind and priorities, the selfish pursuit of sustenance took precedence.

I had debated making this blog post about all the wild and wonderful ways a hotel buffet breakfast can maketh a ‘morning person’ yet, but then I realised… this prescription for health would be limited to the confines of time away.

Back home, in the context of real-life, the narrative of a long, lazy spoiled-for-choice breakfast, sounds a tad tone deaf!

What I concluded would be more relevant, therefore (and less bound to the short-termism of holiday health hacks) is what - out of all the myriad of switch-ups - is most likely to ‘stick,’

In other words, what are the changes that have the potential to transcend the short-but-sweet realms of the out of office, to become permanent fixtures of the everyday.

In my case, there are three such ‘keepers’ from my week of breakfasting like a Queen at the Anantara Vilamoura.

These are, in no particular order:

Bircher muesli - this all-in-one protein-carb concoction has ‘busy mum’s breakfast’ written all over it.

Honey with the comb - omg! Why have I not tried this before!

Mini pastries - so this is a controversial one, but I’m a great believer in a little of what you fancy, and there’s something heartening about rounding off a does-good breakfast (nuts, seeds, fruit) with a little bit of ‘pudding’ (as my kids refer to anything non-savoury that follows a meal.)

In an ideal world, there’d be so much more from the Anantara breakfast experience that I’d like to say I’ll make habit.

Like the coffee in a pot.

The exotic fruits prepped and presented to perfection

The pastel de nata on tap!

To do this would, however, be both ambitious…and maybe even destructive to the escapism that a holiday depends upon to be, well, a holiday.

It would blur the lines between the everyday… and the getaway, and all that makes planning my next trip, already, so hard to resist!

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