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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It’s the old adage, with the new-found relevance in today’s age of trying to turn around the throwaway habits of a lifetime.

Simply discarding what we no longer want or need, is gradually becoming less of an instinctive reaction, and more of a last resort, as many more of us stop to think twice when deciding the fate of our everyday ‘rubbish.’

From food, to furniture, to clothes… there’s no mistaking the buzz surrounding ‘repurposing’ at the moment, and especially right now as Zero Waste Week helps to amplify the ‘waste less’ message.

For saving money and preserving resources, putting our ‘want nots’ to good use wherever possible, is becoming the motto of a generation, who are rapidly cottoning on to the false economy of buying new.

To showcase this huge potential for repurposing, we’ve spent this morning turning leftover coffee into body scrub, simply by mixing the grounds with an body oil that happened to be hanging about in the bathroom cabinet.

This is just one of the many ways that repurposing can be built into the everyday, with beauty and skincare holding some of the greatest potential for putting ‘waste’ to good use (#quarkfacemask anyone?!)

From scrubs, to suds to salves, there aren’t many things we can’t create for ourselves with a little help from google, natural ingredients...and perhaps a how-to book or two.

What’s everyone else’s tips and tricks for saving waste and repurposing this #zerowasteweek?

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