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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

In the not too distant future, our gardens will come alive with life.. and opportunity.

The opportunity for somewhere different to work, to relax, to drink a morning coffee...and to escape to when the four walls become too much.

The opportunity, as well, to some extent at least. It’s an unfamiliar concept, but one that the imminent easing of restrictions will soon make a reality... adding further weight to the wonder that is our outside spaces!

Irrespective of size, shape or set up... our gardens, courtyards or terraces have much to offer in the coming months.

Specifically, VIP access to that elixir of lighter evenings and warmer weather - a delight we’d happily settle for in isolation (no pun intended)!

If, by some stroke of lockdown rule-change luck, we’re able to team this most modest of luxuries, with the long-lost joy of clinking a glass of Pimms with someone who isn’t a partner/husband/wife....then even better! #bringiton

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