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What you water grows…

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

It’s an idea that I first came across whilst reading ‘no such thing as normal.

The theory goes, that whatever thoughts and beliefs you give most attention to, will ultimately establish the greatest roots in your psyche… often to the detriment of positivity and happiness.

Considering this, it’s possible to understand why learning to nip unhelpful thought patterns in the bud, is so often lauded as such an important pillar or mental health.

The how-to of this selective-thought-watering-process, is more complex than an Instagram caption could ever give credit for.

Saying that, what a post like this CAN do, is plant a seed, that greater control over our thoughts IS possible.

For now, this in itself is an idea worth ‘watering’ with as much reading, research and resources as our can-do can muster!

(For some book-shaped starting points, check out this link)

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