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When summer pudding… meets TIRAMISU!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Like a summer pudding… but with more coffee!

Tiramisu is a firm favourite with dessert fans everywhere, but we couldn’t help feeling, a little sourdough-shaped makeover might not go amiss in the pursuit of a new, exciting and somewhat healthier version!

By swapping sponge fingers for sourdough, this now-perfectly-portioned take on the Italian classic, has helped move pudding into the modern, sugar-conscious era!

The main ingredient - Gradz Oats & Flax Sourdough Bread - is a unique, hand-crafted loaf which is fermented for a soft, deliciously moorish finish.. ideal for soaking up all that coffee goodness!

Tiramisu how to:


1 pot full fat cream

1 pot mascarpone

5 dspn caster sugar

Gradz oats and flax sourdough

6 dspn fresh coffee

2 dspn caster sugar (for the coffee)


1 Mix the mascarpone, sugar and cream in a bowl, then whisk until it forms a whipped texture

2 Remove the crusts from the bread and slice into triangles

3 Brew the coffee with boiling water in a cafetière for 4 minutes

4 Pour the coffee into a bowl and stir in the sugar

5 Soak the bread triangles in the coffee and use to line the inside of 4 summer pudding tins (lined with cling film.)

6 Fill the lined pots with the mascarpone mixture, then apply a final layer of soaked bread to seal, and wrap over the ends of the cling film.

7 Place on a plate, with another plate on top, and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours

8. Tip put the pudding and remove the film before serving

Sponsored by Gradz Bakers

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