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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

In the bigger picture of wellness, the role of 'PLACE' - both physical and psychological - is all-important.

To be in a ‘good place’ can pay dividends for happiness and well-being, and this applies as much to locality, as it does headspace.

Interestingly, what the last year has helped highlight, is that there is an interplay between ‘where we’re at’ 🧠…and 'where we’re at’ 📍that we can now - finally - try and work to our advantage.

By extricating ourselves and our mindset from the shackles of ‘stay home’, we can hopefully land upon a much better ‘place’ than the last year has otherwise given opportunity for.

A ‘happy’ sunny lunching spot, perhaps…

A better emotional standpoint, with any luck!

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