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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We had Hot Girl Summer, then Feral Woman Fall (apparently), which can only mean one thing...

Wild Woman Winter is upon us!

Sea swimming, Wild Washing (yes, it's a thing), Hiking... Rainy Day Runs!

I must admit, this isn't a trend that immediately tickles my fancy, but I can certainly appreciate that cultivating a sense of adventure, energy and curiosity not in spite of the weather...but BECAUSE of it, could well have positive outcomes for health and wellness, at a time when both need all the support they can get.

'Oh it's raining, let's go explore'

'Ahh, a blisteringly cold day! Let's head to higher ground!'

....said no person *with an intolerance for the cold.*


That said, I can accept (grudgingly) that this is exactly the kind of yes-to-all attitude that I need to dig deep for (perhaps a little too deep), if I want to stand any chance of swapping Wizen Woman Winter...for the lofty life-affirming heights of Wild Woman Winter.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm ever likely to become what is widely referred to as 'outdoorsy' - and especially not if the blossoming relationship with my weighted blanket has anything to do with it.

What I can say with some certainly, however, is that an occasional spot of gilet-wearing go-getting is not completely outside the realms of possibility.

A micro-hike, for example, with a few choice caveats. Like hot chocolate, in a flask... and snacks.

This made-for-the-mainstream take on Wild Woman Winter is something that more can probably see themselves getting on board with, than the mountain-climbing, lake-swimming rendition of the same idea.

In true 'something is better than nothing' style, even the smallest efforts in element-braving brazenness can pay dividends, or so I have found.

From 'blowing-away the cobwebs', and the cumulative benefits of regularly choosing NOT to lapse into hibernation mode, too soon.

As well as this, there is the small but significant reward of just how next-level LUXE all things dry and hot feel (showers, tea, socks), in those glorious breath-catching, toe-thawing minutes and hours right after you've braved and conquered the untamed elements!


This feeling in itself... it's pretty wild, and just one of the reasons why Wild Woman Winter - it's a feeling, and not just a fad!

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