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WINE WORKOUTS: For when we couldn’t feel any LESS like getting our sweat on

Today might be National Fitness Day, but given yesterday’s announcement, you can be forgiven for not exactly feeling workout-ready! 

This most recent set-back is deflating, and not exactly conducive to the kind of personal best we might expect on a day dedicated to motivation and movement.

This in mind, we thought we’d dedicate today’s post to those bitesize workouts which make exercise possible, even on those days when we couldn’t feel any less like getting our sweat on.

These small, token-effort regimens require the least possible psyching up, and in some cases… can even be passed off as fun!

Take the ‘wine workout’ – thanks Ashley Verma!! – which is a testament to what you can do with little or no fitness equipment, and the bare minimum motivation.

The workout, though slightly tongue in cheek, has recently established itself as a home workout routine in its own right, helping build strength, flexibility and agility through a series of *wine* weighted exercises.


During these times when we might feel slightly overwhelmed by some of the more ‘serious’ workout regimens doing the rounds on this platform, discovering there is scope for improvisation (and wine) in an active lifestyle might just help remove one of the main stumbling blocks.

Truth be told, even the shortest bouts of activity -  performed consistently - can make a big difference in terms of that much sought after commodity we like to call fitness.


Whether it’s 5 minutes of ‘wine dancing kicks’ during an ad break, or 5 sets of ‘wine bridges’ while the kettle boils (we’ve linked the how-to in the bio), these are the increments of activity that seem like nothing… but count for everything when it comes to taking advantage of the physical and mental benefits of movement!

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