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WORKING 9 TO 5 (AM)! The simple way to support your immune system, while you sleep!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Immune health is something that we’ve all become much more concerned with in recent months, which makes it all the more interesting that there's now a ‘night shift’ that we can call upon to help with the challenge of building up our defences ahead of the winter period.

Sleep has been long recognised for its restorative benefits, particularly with regards to immune health, with just one bad night's sleep (i.e. less than 6 hours) shown to reduce natural killer cell function by up to 70%.

Helping optimise sleep's immune enhancing effects, is Tonic Health's new Night Time Immunity drink, which has been formulated to support your immune system while you rest. By delivering a high strength combination of 1,500mg Vitamin C, 150mg Magnesium and 25mg Zinc, together with soothing plant extracts Valerian and Chamomile, this specially formulated warm drink works on a preventative level, rather than just symptomatic relief.

Enjoyed an hour before bed, Tonic Health's immunity drink makes a delicious part of your evening wind-down routine, and forms‹ part of an overall balanced lifestyle to help increase our chances of staying healthy this winter.

Simply add a sachet of the immunity drink to warm water, stir thoroughly, then sit back and enjoy as part of a healthy night time routine.

Sponsored by Tonic Health

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