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‘Wild Coffee’ : how coffee culture is finding a new counterpoint… in nature!

Updated: 6 days ago

Having just finished a book about the importance of spending time in nature (Losing Eden - check it out if you’ve ever been interested in ecotherapy!), I find myself gravitating towards the idea of ‘nature breaks’ perhaps more than ever before.

Luckily, there’s some fortunate happenstance to this ‘wild era’ I find myself in. Most notably, the abundance of open space and wooded areas that I’m fortunate enough to have on my doorstep, at the nearby Ockwells Park.

Home to Thrift Wood - famous for its bluebells in April / May - the park offers an opportunity for those wanting to build a meaningful relationship with the natural world, to do so in incremental, manageable steps.

A lunch time walk

An evening jog

A weekend picnic with friends

In isolation, these pockets of ‘green time’ go a long way towards ameliorating at least some of the physical and psychological wear and tear caused by modern life.

Add to the equation, the soothing salve of a hot coffee (and even better... some good company) and what you have is something almost alchemical in its ability to uplift and restore.

Designed for outdoor adventures, No Normal Coffee is the first ever Swiss-made 'coffee in a tube', making it a handy, portable alternative to freshly ground coffee. Simply squeeze a spoonful of the paste into a cup, add boiling water and stir, for delicious barista-quality coffee…whenever and wherever you need it.

One thing I have observed, when indulging in this ‘green coffee’ trend recently, is that it has strong-armed me into a much slower pace than I might have been inclined towards otherwise, without the temptation of a mid-stroll refreshment break.

It seems to introduce a perfunctory pause, with which comes a chance really ‘drink in’ nature’s elixir, lest the infusion of fresh air, fractal shapes and awe (the main components of nature’s secret sauce) doesn’t go over my head!

This experience - well, it certainly brings new meaning to the idea of ‘filling your cup.’

Especially, I must admit, on those days where the only thing the 'tonic of the wild' is missing, is the soul-ease of a delicious dark roast - white-no-sugar, preferably!

Sponsored by No Normal Coffee

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