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World Chocolate Day... the VEGAN way!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

With chocolate being one of the most stocked-up-on products of the last few months, most of us probably won’t need any convincing to get on board with today’s cocoa themed celebrations.

Especially as, let's face it, 2020’s nod to World Chocolate Day comes with a new found appreciation for the small joy that confectionary (among other things) represents, particularly in times of crisis.

But that's not the only reason we're singing chocolate's praises today...

Much of the credit, as well, is owing to the shift that the industry is seeing towards 'healthier' and more plant based options, as more and more of us become inclined towards these kind of lifestyles.

Heading up the ranks of 'free from' confectionary are brands such as Sooper Good, which is helping make chocolate worthy of a bit more credit than it's previously enjoyed. For the lactose intolerant, and also the growing number of vegans in the UK (which has quadrupled between 2014 and 2019) the change that this product represents has certainly been a long time coming!

As a brand, Sooper Good is not just vegan-friendly, it's also free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, using stevia instead to produce a bar that is great for those looking to reduce their refined sugar intake.

As many chocolate fans will attest, the proof of the tasting is invariably in the which we mean the culinary creations that all that melting goodness lends so well to!! That said, with life gradually returning now to some sort of normality, time for baking might not be what it's been in previous months.

The solution?

The no bake Fruit and Nut flapjack: the perfect vegan choice for celebrating World Chocolate Day.

To make, all you'll need is 100g dried apricots, 100g brazil nuts, 200g oats, 50g raisins, one bar of Sooper Good, 2 dessert spoons peanut butter, 1 dessert spoon agave nectar and 100g brown sugar.

Simply mix the apricots, nuts, oats, raising and chocolate chunks in a baking dish lined with greaseproof paper, gently melt the peanut butter, brown sugar and agave nectar in a pan over a low heat (stirring constantly) then poor the mixture of over the oats, gently mixing to ensure all the ingredients are covered.

Press with the back of a spoon then allow to cool/set before cutting into bars.

Sooper Good is available to buy from Amazon here, and they are offering a 15% discount on boxes of 12 bars, exclusively for World Chocolate Day, by using code CHOCOLATEDAY.

Sponsored by Sooper Good

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