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YOGALAXING: The laid back way to celebrate International Yoga Day

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Today is International Yoga Day, which if you happen to be a novice in this ancient practice, might not carry any particular significance.

Or so you might think...

What if we told you, that there is actually another side to yoga? One which gives more people cause to celebrate its place in a healthy lifestyle, than would probably call themselves a ‘yogi.’

To the untrained eye, ‘Yogalaxing’ might look uncannily like chilling in the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon, but the benefits run deeper than the laid-back impression implies.

Take Child's Pose, for example, which combines comfort with a gentle stretch for the back, hips, thighs, and ankles. Laying flat on the back (Shavasana) is also renowned for calming the mind and helping improve circulation.

Given how easy it is to weave basic yoga practice into everyday relaxation (something we all arguably need to be doing more of) the yoga mat might just prove as useful an investment for overall wellbeing, as it is for fitness. This versatility is something that is at the heart of Gymbella, The Wellness Co's environmentally conscious yoga mats.

With an extra large width, anti-microbial surface, and a lightweight and portable design, their eco-friendly mats are perfect for the outdoor yoga pursuits that are leading the way in this year’s health trends (closely followed by 'Beer Yoga' and 'Laughing Yoga'... yes really!)

Being free from chemicals, as well as recyclable and biodegradable, they are also a sustainable choice, with Gymbella funding Treesisters to plant a tree for every Yoga mat sold.

As a means to carve out the down-time and headspace we’re all craving right now, it seems there is certainly much to be said for indulging in a spot of ‘yogalaxing’ this International Yoga Day.

Similarly, taking the time to try any one of the 'real' virtual yoga classes currently at our disposal, might have more than its fair share of benefits. Even if you're of the 'I can't do yoga' mindset, the innate flexibility of this practice (no pun intended) makes it an open door to wellness, by any stretch!

Sponsored by Gymbella

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