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Updated: May 7, 2022

With all indications pointing towards a potential heatwave on the horizon, there’s certainly no curbing our enthusiasm for what outdoorsy opportunities the month of May might have in store.

From long walks, to lazy days in the garden - these are the days our dwindled vitamin D reserves have been waiting for, but the prescription for fortitude and feel-good, is not without an advisory.

That advisory, of course, is SPF!

It goes without saying, that a broad-spectrum sunscreen should never be ventured outside without, and especially during these warmer months. Contrary to popular belief, however, sun-safety doesn’t end there.

Also up there on the before-you-head-out check list? A wide brim, light weight hat, such as this style from Solbari, which puts all other headwear in the shade with its foldable pack-and-go-design.

Made from 100% water and stain-resistant UPF50+ nylon, the stylish design lends equally well to weekend walks… as it does salty, sandy days at the beach (here’s hoping!).

Not only this, the clever yet chic design features ensure all-important protection and reassurance, at a time when we’re only too aware of the importance of throwing shade at UV rays…whilst staying head and shoulders above in the style stakes!

Sponsored by Solbari

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