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5 ways to work out while you're away

Summer holidays are the perfect time to take a break to rest and rejuvenate. But if you want to keep up your workout regime and incorporate exercise into your getaway plans, then here are five tips from the experts at MINDBODY.

Use your own body weight to work up a sweat

Your body can be your gym. Some of the most effective training can be done by just using your bodyweight, so you never have to compromise on your training when travelling. Exercises like pushups, jumping lunges, air squats and mountain climbers require no equipment and, when performed over multiple intervals, are enough to get your heart rate up! If you need some inspiration, there are loads of ways to find examples. MINDBODY customer Sw3at On Demand delivers 30-minute live, interactive, high-intensity workouts on demand via their ‘anytime’ app, so you can choose a session or trainer to best suit your goals, from wherever you are!

Get outdoors and explore

According to MINDBODY’s Wellness Index, we only spend two hours outside per day, on average. So, whilst you’re away make use of the great outdoors. There are many ways you can stay on top of your fitness whilst also exploring the area. If you’re near the sea, go for a nice - long walk or run along the beach. “More exercise in the fresh air means more oxygen in the lungs. This can help our white blood cells to function properly – fighting and killing bacteria and germs. It will also increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) produced in the body, which is nature’s way of improving your mood” explains Dr Mark Silvert, Consultant Psychiatrist in London. So, seek out scenic hiking and walking trails - the change in terrain will work the muscle in your legs and if you’re in the city, get off the bus a stop early and walk to your location, or tour the city on foot.

Get it done and dusted first thing

If you have a day packed full of activity ahead of you, wake up naturally with the sun rise and work out in the morning. Leon Taylor, Olympic Medalist, Yoga teacher and mentor, says: “I make time to move and have a daily yoga practice. Even if it's just five minutes of sun salutations at 5am before a busy day. Keeping my morning routine consistent, even when I’m travelling, keeps me grounded when my days are full.” There are added health benefits to working out in the morning, for example it revs up your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day, whilst also improving your physical and mental energy. You’ll also gain a healthy sense of fatigue towards the end of the day resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Haven’t yet booked your trip? There’s no time like the present to experience the following:

Go on a fitness retreat

If you’re planning a trip, but you’re unsure where to visit, why not try a fitness or yoga retreat? Retreats are a wonderful way to fully concentrate on your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. MINDBODY customers Ebb&Flow, Yogahaven and The Refinery E9 host retreats in and out of the UK. In October, Refinery E9 will be hosting a Yoga Retreat in Northern Portugal from Wednesday 10th- Tuesday 16th. The event will consist of daily yoga sessions, surfing lessons, power ballads and more.

Visit events where fitness is incorporated

There are many events you can visit where fitness is incorporated, including festivals. At this year’s Lost Village festival, you can change up the pace and take time out from the music and the dancing to enjoy a variety of yoga classes, HIIT workouts and mindfulness workshops in the MINDBODY sponsored Energy Garden - a whole space dedicated to wellness, all bookable via the MINDBODY app.

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