Pre-conception preconceptions: Why it’s nutrients - not specific foods - that matter most when tryin

Trying for a baby is one of the biggest life decisions you can make. In itself, it brings about a significant lifestyle and mindset shift...even before pregnancy has occurred. Living and eating well suddenly take on a whole new significance. But to what extent should we really be concerned about our diets during this preparation for pregnancy period? Many schools of thought exist, with a myriad of often conflicting information available to make what should ideally be a relaxed time of our lives, an unnecessarily anxious one. The fact is. Nutrition DOES matter, but more in regards to our overall nutrient intake, rather than specific ‘fertility-boosting’ foods. The right nutrition can help with developing good quality egg cells and can help ensure the womb environment and hormonal systems are balanced. In men’s case, the process of producing sperm cells is an intensive one, requiring significant nutrients and energy. Ensuring sufficient amounts and balances of these vitamins and minerals is therefore a good foundation for successful conception from the male stance. Knowing what we need nutritionally is all very well, but meeting these suggested intakes can be tricky. After all, it’s not just diet that influences nutrient status. Our digestive efficiency, lifestyle and even our stress levels can all potentially negate even the most concerted healthy eating efforts. So how best to ensure you’re getting all the nutritional building blocks that your reproductive and hormone systems need? Proceive® is a supplement designed to help complement a balanced diet by providing the nutritional support needed for optimum pre-conception health. By taking some of the worry out of pre-conception nutrition, Proceive can also support some of the additional pillars of a fertility-boosting lifestyle, including stress reduction and confidence.