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Home is where the BED is!

Updated: Mar 28's at the heart of so much of today's health and wellness advice, and for good reason!


Sleep, after all, is a vital component to improving our chances for vitality and longevity.

As I pondered this timeworn bed-health connection, I couldn't help but feel, that the therapeutic benefits of ‘hitting the sack’ might potentially run deeper than all the scientific incentives suggest.

Maybe, just maybe, bed is a soothing salve in its own right… with or without the shut eye?


Bed, after all, is a constant.

A continuity.

The one thing you can bank on to be the same, when all else is shifting on its axis.


This, in itself, can be a great source of comfort, and particularly when you’re trying to acclimatise to new surroundings… such has been my reality of late.


With a new home - and a new bedroom – not much feels the same right now, apart from this Devon Duvets bedding, which has become so synonymous with ‘home,’ that it somehow seems to soften the uncomfortable unfamiliarity of these walls, the windows… the acoustics.

Handcrafted in Devon, this natural, temperature regulating duvet is proven to help reduce the incidence of night sweats (whether related the menopause… or home-moving anxiety), whilst also supporting those with allergies and sensitive skin - an effect that owes mainly to wool's natural resistance to dust mites and micro bacteria.


Currently, my bedroom is admittedly a little…non-aesthetic, shall we say. The bumpy wallpaper and absence of soft furnishing leaving much to be desired, especially in this age of instagrammable interiors!


What I've deduced, however, is that what is currently lacking in more than made up for in substance.


After all, this bed is my little dose of familiarity (amid reality), bringing with it just the right amount of ‘sameness', to make this transition period not just bearable… but maybe even comfortable!

Sponsored by Devon Duvets

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