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Writing things down is extremely cathartic. Why? Because the very process of putting pen to paper and externalising your inner dialogue works as a detox for brain. The words impose structure on your thoughts, which then makes them easier to recognise, acknowledge and then - if necessary - move on. 

We’ve probably all tried journaling at some point in our lives, some might already swear by it, but what’s to be done when the words simply don’t flow?  If you’ve ever suffered from journaling block... this is where you might be going wrong. Sitting somewhere quiet might seem like the most obvious way to concentrate on unburdening your mind, but according to experts, silence is not quite so golden when it comes to translating thoughts to written words. What we need is NOISE (according to leadership coach Jackee Holder). Immerse yourself in a racket... and you might be surprised at what flows from the subconscious. The mechanism is... noise distracts your inner critic, who otherwise scrutinises what you write. . So, the next time you feel the need to vent, reflect, document or take stock, find your nearest busiest cafe to pitch up with your trusty note book. (Coffee and treats are optional... but helpful!) 

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