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It’s good to talk...

It can be hard to talk to other people about how you are feeling. Not just because articulating emotions in itself is so difficult, but also because fear of judgement often stands in the way. Talking is, however, one of the single best things we can do for our mental health. The process of talking gives substance to our worries and concerns, helping us to see situations that are troubling in a clearer (or sometimes different) light. The process can help release the stress and tension built up from the weight of these worries on our shoulders, and it is also a way of potentially finding common ground with others, and paving the way to less feelings of isolation and loneliness. Discovering that you are not alone in your thoughts can be a hugely positive step in itself, plus other people may have ideas for solutions that you hadn't thought of before. It is this concept that underpins our latest ‘I’M ALL EARS!’ campaign, designed to let people know who they can talk to out of their family and friendship circle if they need to. A simple selfie such as that taken by the lovely Amy Cousins might be all it takes for someone to take that all-important first leap towards an open-heart conversation that changes their life and mindset for the better. For more details of the campaign visit We’ve also spoken to Anthony Mayatt and Niamah Hashmi about their experience of talking therapy.

Anthony Mayatt @breathefitnessuk 'My head was filled with constant negative thoughts. By speaking to friends it’s felt like I could get a different perspective on them and clear my mind. I would always recommend talking than suffering in silence. Opening up can be the first small step in helping your mental health.'

Niamah Hashmi, @Mumma_and_the_little_fig 'Many people suffer silently with mental health and find it hard to take that step they need to speak to someone about their well being. Keeping it to yourself and trying to deal with it alone is a massive burden to bare. It is so important to reach out to someone and speak out. Whether it’s with someone you know or a mental health professional. Voicing your pain to someone will get that weight off your shoulders and will be the beginning of that journey to help you get to where you want to be and to feel good within yourself. I have many people very dear to me that have spoken about their mental health with me in all stages of their journey and I cannot express how much it has been of a positive impact to them just to have someone to speak to.' You can do it, #youcantalktome , I’m all ears.

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