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'Cooking together is an exchange of energy and love. It’s an instant collaboration'

'These days, for busy cohabitating couples, it can get pretty difficult to spend time together and really bond. My advice for couples to nourish each other’s’ hearts, souls, and bodies: cook together!

As a holistic chef and sensual coach in New York City, I believe that cooking together can bring couples closer by not only spending time together, but by feeding each other and being partners in the kitchen. Cooking can be a useful bonding ritual, and a sure way to fire things up.

I started cooking with my man as a way to get closer to each other and to become healthier together. It’s an awesome way to connect with the food you’re eating as well! We commit to cooking together at least 4 times a week, no matter what.

Cooking together is an exchange of energy and love. It’s an instant collaboration: grocery shopping, choosing recipes, combining flavors, tasting, and plating in a visually pleasing way. And don’t forget the most important part: enjoying eating together!

Another tip? Role play! Switch up roles in the kitchen: if one chops and preps, the other cooks and plates. It’s an easy, seamless partnership. Then the next day – exchange roles! This really helps the both of you try cooking, prep, and plating and creates equality in the kitchen.

Clean up should always be together. Because teamwork is awesome, positive, and it makes clean up a breeze!

Last tip: make it fun! Don’t be afraid to make cooking sexy, silly, and seductive. Play some good tunes, pour yourselves a glass of wine, have fun, and get experimental together!

My favorite recipes to cook together are a wild-caught maple-miso salmon, lime-infused farro, roasted seasonal vegetables with seared tenderloin slices and a horseradish-balsamic glaze, winter citrus salad with arugula (rocket) and toasted walnuts.'

Author Bio:

Kiele Jael is a Brooklyn, NY based holistic chef & sensuality coach for women. For more information visit and follow her on Instagram @kielejael.

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