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Are you a Micro(be) Manager?

The habit of ‘micromanaging’ may be considered a negative trait in the business world, but from a health perspective, there is something to be said for paying close attention to the minutiae of our body’s day to day running. Behind the scenes, we have millions of bacteria working to keep our digestion, immunity and hormonal balance on point. This ‘bacterial workforce’ are as vulnerable to our current climate of stress and overwork as we ourselves are, with our best bacterial workers (those ‘friendly’ strains which are responsible for bolstering our health and wellbeing) often the first to buckle under the ‘strain’ of day to day life (excuse the pun!). Given their important role in regulating everything from sleep to energy levels, this is a situation that it pays to prevent as far as possible with some serious and unashamed Micro(be) Managing!! But how exactly do we ‘Mibrobe Manage’ our digestive health? A good starting point is to pay attention to the balance of probiotics and prebiotics in our diet. These serve the important purpose of establishing, feeding and tending to our delicate digestive landscape. They’re the greenskeepers of our internal ecosystem, and purveyors of some of the most notable wellbeing benefits to ensue from having sound digestive balance. There’s one problem, however, and that is that recruiting sufficient prebiotics and probiotics via your diet alone is not always easy. This is where a supplement such as Microbz can somethimes help. Their Bio Live Gold fermented food supplement is hand brewed and combines living, beneficial microbes in a unique blend of herbs and minerals. As part of a daily approach to microbe management, Microbz is a useful support to a healthy diet, helping stand your natural microbiome in the best possible stead to compete with today’s increasingly taxing lifestyles!

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