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Eat Picnic Love

There is a general misconception that a ‘picnic’ must resemble a small buffet in order to qualify as such. The TRUE art of picnicking, however, comes down to ‘quality over quantity,’ and to keeping expectations low, and sensory awareness high. There’s no doubt, there’s something about a rug on the floor which has the ability to turn even the simplest of ingredients into something to be savoured.
If you’re not convinced, you only need to watch that infamous scene from ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ where Julia Roberts indulges in the ultimate ‘still life picnic’ - a picture-perfect platter of eggs, asparagus, salmon and peach - on her apartment floor. It’s a scene that epitomises the joy of the uncomplicated, and the satisfaction of simplicity. The combination of all the concepts depicted - fresh food, ‘floor culture’ and mindfulness - is what ‘picnic goals’ (not to mention health goals) are surely made of! A simple formula for health and happiness, that has as much basis in psychology (the grounding effect of, well...sitting on the ground!!) as it does in nutrition. As a way to celebrate this year’s National Picnic Day, there’s no better way than the ‘still life picnic,’ and luckily for all those late-comers wanting to join the ‘floor food’ fun, it takes virtually no prep time. 

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