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‘Eating out is a great way of keeping food both social and interesting’

Eating out is often thought to be a stumbling block to a healthy diet, BUT... what if we told you that a cafe-shaped ‘bump’ in the road could actually be a spring board, and not a hurdle, to even better eating habits? While it’s true that some eateries might not exactly be conducive to the kind of clean eating we might aspire to, there are others that can actually take your meals UP to nutrition ranks!

These health-focused cafes and restaurants can often better your own meal making efforts by way of a) the sheer number and complexity of ingredients that our own time/shopping budget might not allow for b) bringing a different set of ideas and food inspirations to the table. Going ‘off piste’ in this way is also a great way of keeping food both social and interesting, as well as providing a welcome/necessary break from cooking and meal planning. Both of these factors are key to the longevity of any healthy diet/lifestyle. And so it goes to show that ‘clean eating’ and eating out are in fact not as mutually exclusive as we thought, despite the underlying message of the ever popular meal prep movement. Yes, organisation and planning are important (vital even), BUT this ‘guideline’ - like so many - may be best taken with a pinch of salt....just not literally! It’s Healthy Eating Week after all!! 📸 @jungs_bakery

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