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Bend the fitness rules this summer

Holidays might well be synonymous with lazy day and catching rays, but all this could be about to change as our annual leave ambitions become less concerned with kicking back, and more with kicking start something new and positive. It’s an old adage that a change is as good as a rest, and this is especially true in the case of holidays, when the advantage of a different location and routine provides the perfect platform for switching up the old with something new and exciting. This might look like morning yoga practice, a run along the beach, or a daily swim in the pool. Anything, that is, as long as it’s as far from your gym norm as you are from home. All this isn’t to say that our well deserved holidays should be any less about the down time that is still a massive part of the appeal of getting away. Instead, the trend is about how to maximise the feel good of doing nothing, with a little bit of doing something. So, if you’re jetting away soon, it might be worth packing some light weight, comfortable activewear as part of your holiday wardrobe, to ensure any opportunities for movement don’t go unmissed.

Sophistiqe fitness wear fits this bill with its sleek multifunctional designs, which are just as suitable for a run as some simple stretching out in the sunshine. Made with quality Italian fabric and original detailed designs, the ethos is to empower women in their fitness, health and life journey... wherever in the world that happens to take them! Sponsored by Sophistiqe

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