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Create your own spa at home this World Wellness Weekend

With today marking the start of World Wellness Weekend, many of us will be hot on the heels of the how-tos of boosting vitality, serenity, and beauty - arguably the three most important cornerstone of ‘wellness.’

Often, the root of all three lies in the simple art of de-stressing, but this is something that is often easier said than done. We know what we SHOULD be doing to help take the pressure off our minds and bodies, but putting these necessary steps into action is invariably met with temptations of the more stimulating kind. Having something (or somebody) to motivate and point you in the direction of a regular positive, wellness-enhancing ritual can be invaluable if you happen to be of the FOMO /can’t-switch-off variety. This is where How to Spa comes in. Their tutorials are designed to help you unwind by following a four step spa ritual, including preparation, massage and relaxation. The aim is to enable you to recreate the spa experience at home, and at a time that is most convenient to you, be it in the evenings, or first thing on a Saturday morning.

For any last minute takers for World Wellness Weekend, this ready-when-you-need-it spa solution is THE go-to for a touch of escapist relaxation to help ease us into the autumn season, which starts this weekend, and also to mark the occasion that is National Spa Week (without having to actually frequent a spa)! Sponsored by How to Spa

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