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Sunday... my I don't have to run day!

The Bangles weren’t wrong when they designated Sunday as THE day for throwing in the fitness towel!

Yes, ‘Sunday Runday’ might well be a real thing (945k instagrammers say so, after all), but while some are content to flip the script on ‘rest day’ tradition by going BIG on fitness, there is just as much to be said for going HOME!

Nowadays, there’s a lot of pressure to align our movements with trends, official days.. not to mention our own standards and expectations. The reality is, though, that no day has to be a run day, gym day, weights day, or anything else, any more than the next.

Deliberate and intentional ‘non-running days’ can be just as positive and worthy of bigging up on the #healthgram, especially when they’re used as an exercise in energy conservation for the demands of the week ahead.

It’s still possible to use the ‘run day’ vibe as a motivation...whether to run through ideas, thoughts, errands and to dos, or to make great strides in ‘life admin’ - something that there is just as much mileage for health and wellbeing in, as any 10k run!

Hands up who swapped run day for fun day today?? (Join the conversation)🖐🏻

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