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No More Cheap Frills: The future of lingerie is SUSTAINABLE

Underwear. It has to be one of the most thrown away pieces of clothing.

Lots of wear, and lots of washes, mean all those pretty delicates are no sooner out of the bag, than they are in the bin.

The popularity of ‘cheap frills’ isn’t necessarily surprising (the audience is limited, right?!), BUT many of us are fast catching on to the false economy of cheap underwear.

Lingerie represents an untapped area in our endeavours for lessening our carbon footprint, and one brand that is looking to stop it being an afterthought (in the style and sustainability stakes) is DORINA.

With DORINA’s new eco line, you won’t have to choose between comfort, quality or green credentials, as the brand continue their commitment towards forging an eco-friendly path using key pieces designed with longevity in mind.

With the ‘green’ lingerie and intimates market now well and truly hitting its stride, we're starting to hold our delicates to higher economic standards, and this is something that DORINA are recognising and responding to.

If you’re keen to amp up your sustainable-shopping journey, then why not consider starting ‘small’ (pun intended) and make the little changes that create a big difference.

Plastic is pants... but the same doesn't need to be true in reverse!

Testimonial: ‘My experience of lingerie in the past has been that ‘pretty’ is usually at the expense of comfort, but I am pleased to say that I have had all preconceptions proved wrong with DORINA. The pieces are made from high quality fabric, and this is apparent in the fact that they are extremely wearable and flattering. Given the eco credentials, this is definitley a lingerie brand I’d recommend to anyone looking for comfort, style and sustainability.’ Caroline Matthews, Editor

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