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'SELF-PARTNERING’: It’s about being carefree, CONFIDENT...and committed to yourself

Instagram might well be awash with happy smiley couples right now, but there’s a new, up and coming stance on relationships which (from a health angle) is worth turning our attention to.

‘Self-partnering’ is just one of the latest dating buzzwords that’s got people talking, and for good reason, since it’s all about being carefree, CONFIDENT and self committed.

Whether you have a partner to fulfil this role as well (or not) there is much to be gained from joining the movement that Emma Watson (among other celebrities) have recently admitted to living by.

With the overriding message that we need to be giving more love to OURSELVES, what better way to put this into practice than by overhauling Valentine’s tradition?

Forget getting glammed up. This's about coming as you are! After all, connecting to our inner peace and confidence is not just helpful… it’s essential.

The message of self-investment is one that is mirrored by Blushed by Five, whose unique rose quartz beauty product supports the message that taking time to ourselves, and meeting our own emotional needs, creates the foundations for a solid self partnership...not to mention a solid skincare regime.

The LUMA ROSE™ Facial Sculpting + Wellness Tool is a natural and easy-to-use crystal stone, which can be used to enhance your daily skincare rituals. It works not only by promoting the absorption of your oil, serum or moisturiser products, amplifying the absorption of nutrients into the skin, but also by boosting circulation and detoxification processes to help contour, de-puff and sculpt your face.

By comfortably gliding along all facial contours, the stone creates a deep massage that can be tailored to relax or invigorate, depending on how you and your skin are feeling, and the time of day (don’t miss the skincare ritual how-to in our Instagram stories.)

Beyond the beauty benefits, the mindfulness aspect of taking these 5 minutes - morning and/or evening - cannot be underestimated. It’s just one investment we can all make towards a stronger, more empowered mind-frame... not to mention ‘self-dating’ success!

Sponsored by Blushed by Five

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