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THIRST Things First

We’re all feeling varying degrees of panic, stress and anxiety right now…and it’s having a profound impact on how we’re managing our health, both physical and mental.

We’re waking up and checking the news, before we’ve even had a chance to register the new day, and often before we’ve even had something to eat or drink.

The crisis is all-consuming, with potentially deleterious effects on our nutrition, given that the emotional effect of this crisis’ has a habit of affecting both appetite and motivation.

Water might be the last thing we feel like drinking, but skimping on hydration is something to be avoided, not least because even mild dehydration can mimic the stress response that we’ve probably already got enough of going on in our bodies already.

If you can maintain one habit for your body and mind, sipping water regularly is it.

Keeping a Biocera Alkaline Jug consistently topped up in the kitchen, or next to your desk, is just one way of reminding yourself to drink regularly, and of taking advantage of a ready supply alkaline antioxidant water.

The Biocera Jug transforms ordinary tap water into alkaline water, and the filter contains bioceramic balls which facilitate the removal of impurities, whilst also boasting antibacterial properties to help prevent contaminants building up.

In a climate where control over many aspects of our lives is limited, it pays to focus on the things we CAN control - hydration being one of them.

Wake up to water. Make it the first thing you do before anything else.

Other pillars of health, such as five a day, fresh air and fitness might all be met with significant challenges, but the potential for maintaining good hydration stands strong, making this one habit that we should all priortise all the more as we navigate these tricky times for self care.

Sponsored by Water for Health

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