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‘A key part of our capacity to unwind, is the conduciveness of our homes to rest & relaxation’

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Since March, stress has become an all too familiar strain on our health and wellbeing, rearing its head more often than not as we endeavour to navigate the monstrosity that is 2020.

This Stress Awareness Day, the importance of chipping away at this heavy weight on our shoulders, has become more relevant than ever.

Many approaches have been shown to help, from exercise, to nutrition, but what also plays a fundamental part in our capacity to unwind, is the conduciveness of our homes to rest and relaxation.

Setting the scene is a small step that can never be underestimated, and it’s something that candle makers Platinum Dot - purveyors of natural soy wax scented candles - recognise the importance of, as part of an overall approach to wellbeing.

Candles are well known for their capacity to promote a meditative state – an effect owing to the mesmerising quality of their light, as much as the psychological effects of scent.

A study conducted by Keville and Green (2009) reported that imbalances of psychological wellbeing can be improved with the use of scented candles and oils, with vanilla, in particular, shown to help increases happiness levels and uplift your mood.

Platinum Dot candles are all hand made, and inspired by the African / British heritage of it’s founders, making these sumptuous scented candles a unique way to enhance the atmosphere of your home, and the quality of your down-time as we all work towards (and look forward to) less stressful times ahead.

To celebrate Stress Awareness Day, Platinum Dot is offering a special 10% discount on their home fragrance range subject to stock availability at using the code PDEXTRA10, valid until the end of November.

Sponsored by Platinum Dot

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