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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

With so much talk about keeping things fresh and switching up the mandated sameness every which way we can...we thought there no harm in flipping the script, to see if the road of least resistance might yield some comfort from all this worldly chaos.

Rest, after all, is underrated in today’s 'always on' culture, and there is a lot of obligation, especially at the moment, to be doing All The Things, all the time.

All the work, all the fitness... all the positive thinking!

With energy and motivation typically at their lowest ebb, however, many of these platitudes of motivation and productivity are missing the mark when it comes to making us feel, do and be better!

It's for this reason, that our message for the Easter ‘break’ is one of reassurance, more than anything else.

Reassurance that NOT feeling as ‘can do’ as we think we should, is just as ok as pertaining to the lofty heights of the 'best self' benchmark.

We're partial, as always, to giving a balanced and forgiving stance on 'living well'. One which shuns the confidence-crushing 'shoulds', and instead creates a 'safe space' for our self-esteem and confidence to reside during this time that could otherwise, potentially, see the unraveling of both.


So, here’s to REST...something that’s as good as a change, if not better, when we’re officially all changed out (for now!)

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