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An ode to Autumn!

It’s easy (and all too common) to quantify autumn in terms of losses.

Lost daylight

Lost warmth

Lost vitality… in many cases

The gains, by contrast, seem to get precious little airtime, and are scarcely recognised for the very real compensation they can offer, in these chilly, dark-by-six times!

In Denmark… they call this Hygge.

In Germany, it’s Gemutlichkeit.

Here, it’s just plain ‘Cosy’, but this small little word holds BIG potential for health and wellness. Far more than ‘cold and flu’ season and those SAD connotations might suggest.

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to grieve the easy breezy days of summer, but what this change in seasons takes away in sun-on-your-back sublimity, it more than makes up for in those so-called ‘warm fuzzies'

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