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An ode to…October!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

On Sunday, it will officially be….


OCT… what, you say!!?

Writing this, it would have been all too easy to default to that obligatory ‘I don’t know where the time has gone!?’ spiel, and pour myself into the pitfalls of Zenosyne (the idea of time moving faster with advancing age!)

Instead, however, I decided this time to step over what is a popular Writer’s rabbit hole, and commit instead, to finding out where - in fact - the time has gone!


Using the trusty crampons of my ‘camera roll’ to retrace nine months worth of steps, I hoped to find at least some of the ‘time’ that I was convinced had been lost, somewhere, along the January-to-September line! 

What I found, of course, was more than enough photographic evidence to the contrary, which when pieced together, would help rubbish the #delulu ideas I was inordinately indulging in, of having been nowhere… and done nothing, all year!!


Day trips

Ice cream smiles



Garden centres



Work projects

The memory-jogs of all these mostly-forgotten snippets in time and *head* space - paint a much richer picture than that of the flimsy brush of ‘time flies.’

To this end, I’m now sitting with this rather nuanced, and maybe non-sensical idea:

That is, that the best way to de-suffix ‘October’ from ‘already!!’…is to concede that perhaps (just perhaps!) it isn’t time that’s going faster, but rather my ability to accurately reconcile it, that’s getting slower!

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