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And breathe…

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Breathing - it’s something that comes ‘naturally’….

Until it doesn’t!

According to research, the high margin for error that exists in 'breathing well' is what makes bad respiratory habits not just a possibility, but almost an inevitably, in the realms of modern day life.

This issue has, according to research on this subject, been partly fuelled by the digital age and the increasing precedence of so-called ‘screen apnea.’

Having first heard of this concept through the ‘Moments of Space’ app, I was suddenly acutely aware of how much shallower and more disjointed my breathing became, when immersed in the online tasks that my days have evolved to revolve around.

One of the aims of the Moments of Space app, is to effectively break this habit, by re-training the subconscious to maintain regular, deep breathing even in spite of the presence of a screen or device.

Unlike other mindfulness strategies whose efficacy relies on ‘digitally detoxing’ - Moments of Space suggests a more flexible, integrative approach.

One of the exercises, for example, is designed to change the automatic breathing response to ‘screen triggers’ over time, thereby enabling oxygen balance to be maintained within the normal, daily and often tech-reliant framework of life.

In its simplest ( ‘nano’ ) form, this works on the basis of a ‘3 conscious breaths’ and posture adjustment strategy, which is both realistic and achievable in the framework of the average busy day.

In addition to breathwork exercises, the app features a range of eyes-open meditation strategies, each of which is geared towards helping emotional regulation and improving a feeling of presence in everyday life.

Many of these exercises require but a few minutes to complete, but from what I have discovered, the benefits of these conscious and purposeful ‘moments of reset’ are cumulative, and transcend into the adjacent minutes and hours with subtly softening effects on at least some of life's most significant health stressors (screen time included.)

Sponsored by Moments of Space

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