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Updated: May 18, 2023

For some reason, it’s always about this time of year, that my intrinsic thirst for sun, sea and sand, takes on a new found urgency.

It’s almost visceral… the need to experience that bone-warming bliss of being barefoot on a beach, romance novel in hand!

So much is this the case, that for me, it’s as if ‘holiday mode’ has already begun, even with more than a month to go until my official annual getaway begins!

Off the back of what is maybe (maybe not) a subconscious clocking off from normal workaday life, my straw hat game has officially become as strong as those beach bar Pina Coladas, teasing from the edge of almost-reality.

In a way, allowing a holiday on the horizon to percolate into the preceding month, might not be entirely such a bad idea.

If only because, at the very least, it guarantees your wear’s worth from that otherwise one-week-worn sunshine wardrobe.

Secondly, it imbues the everyday with the same level of sun safety consciousness exercised on holiday time.. and quite rightly so.

With built-in UPF50+, this beach-hat-in-waiting from Sunsibility blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet rays, according to the Australian Radiation Protection Agency. It also boasts a 2¾" brim, inner drawstring and… the best bit, it’s packable.

For hats, sunnies and all your other annual holiday harbingers, Sunsibility has proved the one-stop-shop to help anticipation and organisation find all-important the form of an already-half packed case!

With this in mind, if anybody needs me in the not too distant foreseeable, I’ll be mostly sat here, channelling my best out-of-office vibe, through the medium of an #ootd, if nothing else.

Sponsored by Sunsibility

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