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Behind every stress-free holiday…. Is a strategically packed bag!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Wherever you’re looking to holiday this summer, if there’s one thing that’s going to get you there with the minimum amount of ‘where’s my-passport’ panic….it’s a carry-on with clout!

As a leading name in stylish, functional bags and organisers, Knomo knows a thing or two about perfect packing protocol, with their Beauchamp Laptop backpack - in particular - designed to perfectly suit the niche needs of today’s discerning traveller.

Whether you’re heading away in the UK, or jetting off abroad, the internal zipped security pocket, double zip pleat pockets and sizeable padded compartment make this THE carry-on of choice for shouldering the weight - and logistics - of all those travel documents, charging cables, snacks, magazines and books!

For those set to brave the airport hustle and bustle, in particular, the bag also features a trolley sleeve, plus secure, padded straps - perfect for the aerodynamics of that last ditch sprint to the gate!

Mindful of the ‘place for everything, and everything in its place’ model that today’s ’hack’ culture has helped make a hallmark of ‘holiday-ready’, you’ll be pleased to know - as well - that The Knomo range also includes a clever compact organiser with pockets and compartments for all those little mid-flight extras that you always need… but can never get your hands on.

Setting off, there’s no greater satisfaction than loading up the car with all your zipped-and-ready-to-go paraphernalia…and especially when your bags of choice, just so happen to coordinate perfectly with your travel outfit!

It’s a small thing, but with the burgeoning #airportoutfit trend, OOTD looks set to spark just as much joy this summer as the art of carry-on Konmari which, put it this way, if you know… you Knomo!

Sponsored by Knomo

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