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Book Review: The Squirrel Who Worried

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Yes, I appreciate it’s a children’s book…but hear me out!

In the realms of pretty books… this one has a clear illustrative advantage, especially for those of us with a soft spot for woodland animals!

The book itself is a tale of triumph over worry, which although intended to plant the seed of strength in young minds, might also strike a chord with even those of us who thought they’d long outgrown being back-patted via the medium of a furry protagonist!

The moral of the Story?

Never ‘squirrel’ your worries away, or underestimate the power of friendship when it comes to overcoming curveballs of under-confidence.

Parents and caregivers of worrisome children, this is one book-shaped bandaid that no emotional first aid kit should be complete without.

For adult narrators, The Squirrel Who Worried is hard-backed evidence that age is no barrier to the heart-melt potential of a happy ending - and especially when it transcends fiction, to become a playground reality!

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