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BROCCOLI DUMPLINGS: ‘Greens never tasted so good’

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

’Eat your greens’... can sometimes seem like the hardest, easy thing to put into practice.

Partly because, well... yawn! Who likes being told what to do anyway?!

Secondly, the likes of broccoli, spinach and celery are so easily typecast, that it’s often hard to visualise a how-to that doesn’t feature a salad bowl or stir fry.

To this end, it’s props to @jamieoliver for shedding light on the versatility of broccoli, no less, on his Monday night show.

After demonstrating how to make broccoli DUMPLINGS, he officially put paid to any excuse we might have not to squeeze at least SOME green into our everyday cooking.. and not a hint of ‘rabbit food’ in sight!

Granted, we had to up-style his original recipe a bit (partly out of lack of ingredients) and served ours with spinach and celery soup, rather than a sauce.

For the how-to, head over to our Instagram stories now.

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