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Brown brown grass, blue blue sky!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

If George Ezra did August, it probably wouldn’t have quite the same ring to it, as the lush-lawned ditties of last month!

It’s this subtle yet significant key change, that just about sums August up, leaving us questioning whether it’s the very slight drawing in of the evenings, or the sudden onset of Strictly Come Dancing adverts, that’s giving most of the heads up, that autumn is on it’s way.

Either way, now is probably the time to start lapping up those evening runs, snapping up the pub garden invitations, and generally inhaling every inch of summer’s hair when it’s not looking!

Yes, the OOTDs might abound more shackets than swimsuits with the advancing days, but rest assured, there’s string-bikini life left in the old dog days yet.

Boat trips, picnics, poolsides…there’s ample chance to pack them in with impunity, and in so doing, chip-chip an all-important ‘I woz ere!’ into the trunk of summer 22.

A tangible last hurrah to this first ‘normal’ summer…before the condensation-on-the-window mornings officially set in!!

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