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BUILD ME UP BUTTERNUT! Goodbye peeling palaver. ‘Hello’ perfectly prepped squash!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Whether you’re doing Veganuary, or simply committed to a more vegetable-rich diet this New Year, the butternut squash - with it’s recipe-enhancing flavour, texture and nutrient profile - is arguably where meal-making is at for the forseeable!

Risottos, soups, mash, tray bakes… the options are as endless as they are appealing!

If, however, you‘re among the many put off by the peeling palaver of old, you’ll be pleased to know the de-skinning drudge is no more, thanks to Eazy Peel - The Ultimate Butternut Squash Peeler!

Eazy Peel is unrivalled at cutting through the hard, tough skin of a butternut squash in minutes, using a super sharp stainless steel blade, which is designed to reduce food wastage from peeling tough-skinned vegetables such as sweet potatoes, swede and turnips.

Mains powered, the Eazy Peel features a detachable blade head for easy cleaning, and a comfortable grip handle that makes light work of this otherwise arduous task!

From pantry to prepped in under ten minutes - the wait is officially over when it comes to tucking into some of winter’s favourite warmers.

Once peeled, simply slice or dice, boil or roast, and prepare to have your preconceptions of comfort food’s secret ingredient - squashed!

Sponsored by Eazy Peel

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission on the purchase, without any additional costs to you.

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