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Updated: Nov 26, 2020


It might not have groove, but it’s certainly got meaning, especially in these times where being able to enjoy a slice of Gingerbread Marmalade cake with your coffee is EVERYTHING.

For the purpose of merriment and motivation when working from home, a little of what we fancy can go the longest way, but we’re not just talking about a slab of Madeira with your mid-morning coffee here!

With Christmas less than four weeks away, cake-o-clock just isn't the same without a nod to all thing snow-themed and spiced!

Luckily, season-inspired cakes are currently flooding our supermarket shelves, and none are taking our fancy more than Gradz Bakers latest collection.

The range includes their highly acclaimed Gingerbread with Marmalade, Marble Cake and a Poppy Seed Twist, with all products available to buy now from Ocado.

Crafted in London by Master Bakers, these deliciously different festive fancies are the ultimate 'To Me...From Me' vice, especially with the added persuasion of National Cake Day!

So, if you're struggling to get in the Christmas vibe, herein might be the piece-of-cake solution you've been waiting for!

Sponsored by Gradz Bakery

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