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Can calm ever find a counterpoint… in chaos?

Updated: Jul 2

I wrote a post last week about the paradox of a ‘relaxing family holiday’ (linked here), and posed the question…

Can calm ever find a counterpoint… in chaos?

Nowadays, I’m of the opinion that this might just be possible.

Not just because, as a parent, you become de-sensitised somewhat, to the stimulus of overlapping noise.

As well, because the dichotomy of self-care and childcare becomes less rigid.

In other words, relaxation gradually becomes extricated from peace and quiet, and latches instead onto anything that looks like… sitting down.

This makes more things look like ‘a break’, than ever would have qualified as such before!

This is relaxation… re-imagined, and while it appears to leave MUCH to be desired, on some levels (not all) the opposite could in fact also be considered true.

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