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‘Is that a wedding dress?’

Updated: Jun 21

Have you ever noticed, how the boundaries of acceptable fashion become blurred on holiday?

What if most certainly NOT ok in normal everyday life, suddenly finds acceptance when a bit of sunshine and carefree abandon are thrown into the mix.

This is one of the things - outside the more obvious advantages - that I enjoy most about travel.

It taps into my inner extrovert. The one who can wear a white wedding-esque gown and think nothing of the social fallout.

It’s an ‘Alexis Rose’ effect, you could say (sorry non-Schitts Creak fans,) and is epitomised by the absolute absence of self-doubt…mixed with oodles of something closely resembling, WGAF!

Granted, this is a short-but-sweet chapter in my otherwise less-out-there style story, but it’s one that serves a purpose.

It’s a glimpse into an alternate version of self, the after-taste of which lingers well into the remainder of the year.

The memories of these wear-what-you-want days - they act as a counterpoint to my comparatively understated, everyday, non-holiday style, and underscore why it is that holidays are so important.

They allow us to explore different versions of self, and act as a reminder to the fact that we’re all just one white, slip dress away, from an entirely different persona and confidence - and all the opportunities that might ensue from this.

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