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CAN COOK, WILL COOK! The pantry-to-plate of eating well is more straightforward than you think!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

When it comes to rustling up a healthy meal, cooking confidence and inspiration can all too often pose a stumbling block.

Reality is, however, the pantry-to-plate of eating well can be more straightforward than self-doubt - not to mention the more complicated here’s-one-I-made-earliers - might have us believe!

Case in point - cooking with MOWI Fresh Scottish Salmon - the delicious, versatile protein powerhouse that even those of a ‘can’t cook’ disposition, will be hard pushed to go wrong with!

High in Omega 3 fats, MOWI salmon boasts a nutrition profile that can help support the normal function of the heart and immune system. It is also rich in vitamin D and B12 - essential for overall health and well-being!

Just as importantly, MOWI salmon is sustainably farmed and RSPCA Assured, with the brand also committed to a specific Sustainability Strategy called ‘The Blue Revolution Plan’.

With a variety of flavours and options to suit every meal - including Rich Cold Smoked Salmon Slices and Slow Roast Piri Piri Fillets - meal planning has never been easier, with potential to leverage that rich, smoky flavour we so love, to the advantage of many and varied dishes (smoked salmon linguine, anyone?).

As with any approach to healthy eating, quality and balance are all important, and thanks to MOWI perfectly portioned fillets, striking this happy medium has never been easier…or more likely to up the feel good that’s part and parcel of ‘eating well.'

Of course, the working week will always throw even the best laid home-cooking intentions a curveball or two, but with baked salmon lending equally well to the 'leftover lunch', there's scope here to save on not just time and energy, but food waste as well.

For a demonstration on how to recreate our Hummus Crusted Salmon - ideal for brunch, lunch or dinner - head over to our Instagram stories now.

Sponsored by MOWI

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