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‘Dear Sandwich…it’s not you, it’s me!’

Updated: May 18, 2023

Lunch is so often a non-event.

A harried concoction of something and nothing, disappointingly devoured amidst the dreary distraction of yet another episode of daytime TV's finest.

Given how non-sensical it seems - on reflection - to allow the precious reprieve of a meal, to languish wittingly into sandwich-shaped obscurity…I have resolved to assess and rectify, one holiday-inspired recipe at a time!

Today’s attempt at reclaiming lunch’s secret sauce of sustenance and serotonin - is a warm ‘salad’ of butternut squash, quinoa and grilling cheese. (Recipe demo here)

YAMAS! Grilling Cheese with Chilli is medium fat hard cheese, made in Greece using pasteurised cow's milk to create a perfectly balanced and deliciously savoury taste… with just enough of that signature squeak, to make your warm (and cold) salad recipes sing!

As an authentic Greek & Cypriot dairy brand, the YAMAS! product range also includes Feta, Halloumi and Greek Yogurt, all of which are carefully selected and created using traditional processes and locally sourced ingredients.

For the purpose of breathing some long-overdue life back into lunch time, a YAMAS! fridge stash seems to have succeeded, where so many other attempts at escaping my bread-based rut have failed.

Credit where credit's due... the Greek-supper-in-the-sunshine vibe probably had something to do with it!

As well, there's likely some explanation in what is quite possibly the oldest 'happy hack' in the book. That is, if you want to get a hangry food blogger to crack a smile... just 'SAY CHEESE!'

Sponsored by YAMAS! Dairy

Click here to visit their Instagram page.

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